•  Producer of Right Now Kapow for WB/Disney (2016-2017)

•  Designed and Animated “Underwater Woman” for They Might Be Giants (2016) 

•  Director of Animation at Warner Bros for “The Flaming C”, a 4-Part Miniseries airing on TBS/Conan,2015

•  Director of Animation at Warner Bros for “MAD” airing on Cartoon Network Sept. 2010

•  Director of Animation for “DJ and the FRO”, MTV, June, 2009

•  Three animated songs for the Chef Do-Re-Mi original series (November 2008)

•  Animated treatment for Warner Bros Animation Studio logo (October 2008)

•  Seasonal Animation for Christmas window display, Saks Fifth Avenue (October 2008)

•  Animation and green screen compositing  “1000 Virgins”, for Adult Swim (August 2008)

•  Title Animation for  “BATMAN, The BOLD And The BRAVE”, for Warner Bros (July 2008)

•  Animation Director & Lead Animator  “DJ and the FRO”, pilot for FX channel (May 2008)

•  Lead Animator  “The Young Person’s Guide to History”, series for Adult Swim (2008)

•  Lead Animator  “Harden High”, pilot for MTV (Nov. 2007)

•  Lead Animator, animation director  “Deer Mike”, pilot for Disney Television (Nov. 2007) 

•  Comic/Illustration for  Le Monde Diplomatique , Berlin (Nov. 2007)

•  Animated 3 segments for the film Celebrity Detox, directed by Jennifer Lebeau,

   based loosely on the book by Rosie O’Donnell (Aug. 2007)

•  Lead Animator for Saul of the Molemen for Adult Swim/Cartoon Network (first airing Feb. 2007)

•  Lead Animator - Crank Yankers, season 4 for MTV2 (Feb.2007)

•  Animated “Monster Squad” sequences and After Effects motion graphics 

   for The Andy Milonakis Show; MTV (2006, 2007)